Dragon & Eve (mojave x mojave)
 I'm hoping to produce some super mojo BELs with these two but I haven't ruled out the possibility of throwing Erebus, my black pastel, in with Eve and make this a who's your daddy clutch. Erebus is approximately 6 months old now and is already slamming small rats and producing sperm plugs. I'm going to put a few more meals in him before I consider trying him with Eve. I'd be happy with either mojos and BELs or mojos and black magics - and ecstatic if I had both in a multi-sired clutch.
 Glyph & Ailynn
Ailynn is currently deep in blue so her normal light coloration is completely hidden in this pic but it provides really nice contrast for Glyph, the little yellowbelly I got from Dagan. He has figured things out and is an absolute stud now. Don't mind the mess. They like it dirty. I'll be cleaning the tub after I separate the two of them. LOL


Glyph & Freckles