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Boys Borrowed

Posted by Sandy M on Friday, November 12, 2010,
Here are some pics of the males my friend generously loaned to me. 

Hercules is gorgeous but his belly is starting to go pink and his color is a bit dull today so I expect him to shed soon. I'll be sure to get more pics after he does.

Alchemy is really nice. He's so dark and handsome. I'm so looking forward to pairing him with Henna. He's sure to produce some stunning albino babies!
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Breeding Loan

Posted by Sandy M on Monday, November 1, 2010,
A good friend of mine, Pam from PythonPassion.com, has loaned me two of her breeder males so that she and I can produce a couple snakes that we've been wanting to add to our collections. The first is Alchemy, a beautifully dark black backed het albino. The second is Hercules, a very handsome low white piebald. They are settling in and I'll see about getting some pics of them up in a few days. I will be pairing Hercules with Kyriel and Alchemy with Henna this season.   :)

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