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Joint Projects - Getting There

Posted by Sandy M on Monday, April 18, 2011,
 PythonPassion's piebald male, Hercules, and het albino male, Alchemy, have been with me for some time now and things are finally starting to look as if they are coming to fruition on our joint projects. Hercules has been paired with Kyriel, my het pied female. Alchemy has been paired with Henna, my albino female.

Kyriel has been eating anything I offer her lately and is now going into a shed cycle. I'm hopeful that this may be a pre-ovulation shed. Kyriel laid a clutch late last year so I f...
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Candling Pics & Video Clip (Freckles)

Posted by Sandy M on Monday, April 18, 2011,

Above is a photo taken while candling Freckles' eggs 27 days into incubation. Everything appears to be developing normally and Freckles doesn't appear to be nearly as agitated by my infrequent visits to check in on her and the eggs as before.

I got a short video clip as well.

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