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2011-2012 Season Getting Started

Posted by Sandy M on Wednesday, October 26, 2011,

Dragon & Eve (mojave x mojave)
 I'm hoping to produce some super mojo BELs with these two but I haven't ruled out the possibility of throwing Erebus, my black pastel, in with Eve and make this a who's your daddy clutch. Erebus is approximately 6 months old now and is already slamming small rats and producing sperm plugs. I'm going to put a few more meals in him before I consider trying him with Eve. I'd be happy with either mojos and BELs or mojos and black magics - and ecstatic if I had both ...
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Piebald x het Piebald Results

Posted by Sandy M on Wednesday, October 5, 2011,

^ Top Left - male pied #2, Top Right - female pied (Pam's), Bottom Left - pied male #1, Bottom Right - 100% het pied male

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