Well, I went against my own advice and cut one of the eggs because worry had been nagging at me. It's the little one that had spent some time at the top of the pile as a chin rest for mom. It had wrinkled much earlier than the others and though it reflated a bit after I moved it, it has just stayed smaller than the rest and I wasn't sure if the baby inside was going to have much room in there as a result. All of the eggs have been sweating like crazy this week and I was getting water spots on the little egg and one other. I just didn't want to wait any longer on the little one so I snipped it yesterday. Inside I saw a perfectly healthy looking, albeit small, baby and it was definitely alive so I placed the egg back on the pile and left it alone. I didn't get any pics until the following morning and saw the hatchling peeking out of its egg.

The following day, I noticed that the cord seemed to be wrapped around the baby or the yolk sac. I waited until that night to remove the baby. I placed it in a deli cup with lukewarm water and paper towels. The baby seems to be absorbing yolk, just slowly. The little one is growing plump and is very active for a newborn. I feel confident that it will be fine.

As I was returning the deli cup to its mother's enclosure, I noticed that her clutch is beginning to pip. Today makes day 62 and so far I see two eggs pipping.

Edit (5/25/2011)

There are 4 normals and 4 mojaves. The "deli cup" baby is a little bit smaller than its siblings but is otherwise fine. I'll get them sexed and take individual pictures after they shed.