Two of our ball pythons, Dewshine and Ailynn, laid their clutches on May 17th and May 20th. I have been candling them periodically to see the embryos developing inside. Because I'm allowing these girls to maternally incubate, it makes things a little awkward but they're both becoming more comfortable with my visits. 

Our piebald project is finally coming to fruition. Gabriel and Kyriel, my het pieds, have been paired since early November and Kyriel ovulated on June 4th. I am very excited about this clutch because I've been wanting to produce a pied of my own for some time now. She should go into a shed cycle soon and then I can start counting down for her due date. 

I'm borrowing a friend's pastel and he has locked with both of the females who have already laid their clutches but I won't know if he sired either clutch until after they hatch. He has also been locking with my albino female, Henna. She stopped feeding early on, however, and just isn't at an ideal weight for breeding so I highly doubt that she'll go this year. The other female, Freckles, doesn't seem as receptive as the others and I'm doubtful that she'll produce any eggs this year either.