PythonPassion's piebald male, Hercules, and het albino male, Alchemy, have been with me for some time now and things are finally starting to look as if they are coming to fruition on our joint projects. Hercules has been paired with Kyriel, my het pied female. Alchemy has been paired with Henna, my albino female.

Kyriel has been eating anything I offer her lately and is now going into a shed cycle. I'm hopeful that this may be a pre-ovulation shed. Kyriel laid a clutch late last year so I fully expect her to be staggered a bit behind the rest of the girls again this year because she had some catching up to do in the weight department.

Henna stopped eating a few weeks ago and has been hugging her bowl and lingering on the cool side of her tub. She shed a week or so ago and when I checked in on her last night, she appeared to be ovulating. I could be wrong, of course. It wouldn't be the first time I've mistaken late stage "building" for an ovulation. If she moves to the warm end of the tub in a few days and remains there, however, I'll assume that this is, indeed, her ovulation and will start counting down until her post-ovulation shed and then to her estimated lay date.  :)