Some of my females are glowing and are definitely building now. Unfortunately, my camera is dead. Nothing to be done for it. The lens piece is stuck in a closed position and the camera won't power on. *sigh*  I'll have to start looking for a new camera at some point in the near future. Hopefully I'll have a new one before things get more exciting with the projects.

Freckles is currently a pretty toffee color and blushing all over. She's getting huge and lingering on the cool end of her enclosure. She stopped eating around two weeks ago. I've been pairing her with Dragon (mojave) fairly regularly though I did try her with Makalo early on - never saw anything happen then. I'm looking forward to whatever she produces because it may lead to a burgundy or burgundy combo project in the future. Smile

Dewshine actually looks a lot like a mojave right now because her colors are so faded now. She's also getting really chunky but has been staying over the heat tape. She stopped eating about two weeks ago. I don't think she's ovulated yet because I've been keeping tabs on all the girls regularly. I suppose I could have missed something, though. She's been paired with both Makalo (the submissive pastel) and Dragon (mojave).

Ailynn is definitely getting big. I had to get her out and show Brianna just how big her baby has gotten. Her colors still look fairly normal but her head is starting to look more faded. She's still feeding normally. She was paired early on with Makalo (pastel) and then with Dragon (mojave). We'll just have to see what happens.

Kyriel isn't glowing yet but is getting chunkier. She hasn't stopped feeding yet. She went late last season and I expect she'll go a bit later than the rest again this year. She's been paired solely with Hercules, Pam's piebald.

Henna is going into a shed cycle right now and it's kind of hard to tell if she's glowing yet or not. She's already pale. I'm not even sure what to look for in a glowing albino. She is getting bigger, though, and stopped eating a week ago. She's been paired solely with Alchemy, Pam's het albino. Wink