Quiet Tempest Reptiles

 When I worked for a local pet store, one of my regulars dropped in with a ball python and explained that he was having to move and that pets weren't allowed in his new place. He wanted to know if I would keep his snake, Mitch, and that if his circumstances changed he could get him back. I told him I'd be happy to help him out and put Mitch in a cage in the back. At the end of my shift, I took him home with me. I never heard back from his previous owner. That was back in 2002. 

Mitch is an awesome little guy. He is probably one of the most laid back snakes I own. He has a neat single white scale on the lower portion of his back, too, which is just neat. He's just a normal but that peculiar little scale is intriguing. He sired my first ball python clutch and will likely sire many more in years to come.

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